Did you know about a third of Rio locals live in favelas? Let us introduce you to one of the many of them and open your eyes with locals giving you the insiders knowledge you will never find online. Saw movies, documentarys about them? You have not seen enough, neither have you felt the vibe. Afraid of being voyeur about poverty? Let go out of your prejudices and misconceptions about favelas and step inside one of the richest aspects of Rio, our people! This tour is provided by local tour guides. Taking this tour is providing a local guide a job.

Come on, favelas are really worth the detour.

Regular tour from Monday to Saturday starting at 2pm.

Duration : 3 hours

Included: Licensed local Tour Guide and a bottle of water.

Meeting point : Favela Santa Marta, Praça Corumba, rua Sao Clemente, near n° 300, Botafogo

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From € 35,00 per person

Deposit € 10,00


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