Have you heard of this street culture, so vast it goes beyond music? No, not hip-hop, but sure got swag. So many subgenres you’d get lost trying to explain them, yet we’re not talking about Rock. As it may specially be famous for it’s percurssions vibrating during carnival, samba is a lot more then just a rythm. It is heavely bonded to Rio’s history, it’s soul and aspects that go from spiritual to historical knowledge. During this night, we will try to explain samba by the best way there is, by living it. We will start to show you some basic dance steps and chating with a caipirinha, and trying to figure out what samba can be. The philosofical discussions about samba will continue as we take you to some of the nightlife samba partys. As we say here “quem não gosta de samba, bom sujeito não é. É ruim da cabeça ou doente do pé.” Curious about this sentence? Take this tour, we will show you the meaning.

Regular tour on Monday, Friday and Saturday, starting at 8pm.

Duration : 4 hours

Included: Licensed Tour Guide, Caipirinha, public transportation.

Meeting point : In front of the Copacabana Palace

From € 35,00 per person

Deposit € 10,00


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