2h30 or 4H


Description of the tour

To get to the Botanical Garden, you circle the famous Lagoa that lies in the middle of the souther section of Rio. Once there you encounter and appreciate over 9,000 different types of plants, including 900 varieties of palm trees, an impressive orchid collections a group of carnivorous plants, cacti, bromeliads, trees (including pau-brasil, which gave the country its name) and tropical plants. You also admire a multitude of birds, small Mico monkeys, turtles, insects and Japanese carp. If so desired and to complete the nature experience, our promenade will extend to the Parque Lage which is only 1.500 m away. It is a beautiful park at the foot of Corcovado mount that immerses you into a lush, dark and fairy tale like atmosphere of winding paths, rocks formations and waterfalls. The antique and well conserved mansion at its heart was built in the early twentieth as a gift for the opera singer Gabriela Benzanzoni by her husband.


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Prices depend on the season, the number of cumulative hours of visits and the number of people.

Public transport is at your expense and includes the guide’s transport.

Transport with driver is indicated in the quotation.

Your purchases, meals, drinks, ticketing… are at your expense. If you want the guide to accompany you for lunch, you offer him the meal, otherwise no payment for the meal.

On your arrival, we give you a short practical guide on the city of Rio with the rules to respect to be quiet, the things to do in the neighbourhoods, the best restaurants according to your desires, the places to go for your purchases, the information for the beach, the metro, the bus and a basic lexicon.

For each tour, and whatever the mode of transport chosen, we will pick you up and take you back to your place of residence.

Public transport means metro, bus, taxi, tramway or ferry but it is the guide who ultimately decides on the mode of transport for your safety.

Please let us know your health status if necessary. Good physical condition is required for some walks.

The guide may decide to cancel a tour (in whole or in part) for your safety (weather, social or other conditions). In this case, we propose another date or activity if possible.

Public transport: bus, metro, taxi, tramway or ferry are your expenses, including that of the guide.

Car with driver: 5 people maximum plus guide and driver.

Minibus or van with driver: from 6 to 18 people plus guide and driver.

(to be specified when requesting a quote)

Providing cellular phone microchips during your stay in Rio.

English-speaking baby sitters for your children.

​Airport transfer with car driver waiting for you at the landing.

​Foreign exchange – real.

Booking confirmed by the payment of a deposit of at least 30% of the total (depends on the services with external suppliers or not) via the PayPal system (credit card, bank transfer or PayPal account), the balance is adjustable by the payment method chosen 3 working days before the beginning of the service or in cash at our meeting.

All bookings made within 3 working days before your arrival are fully adjustable in cash when we meet.