What is Good Guide In Rio ?

Created and manage by Antoine Pauwels, Good Guide In Rio is a tourism agency certified by the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism. Our objective is to offer quality services in Rio de Janeiro at competitive prices and with certified guides who speak the client’s language perfectly.

Our guides, who are multicultural, have lived in Rio for a long time, and most of them were born there. They are passionate, like to share their knowledge of the Wonderful City and its surroundings, its history and folklore in a listening relationship in order to adapt to your desires.

Our relationship with the client is based on trust, responsibility (punctuality and safety), friendliness and cultural enrichment.

Our mission: to make you love Rio and make you want to come back.

The team

Antoine Pauwels

Antoine Pauwels

Guide & manager

Passionate about Brazil and Rio in his first trip in 1991, Antoine Pauwels had many opportunities to go back and travel througout the country. After working for 20 years in Paris in the field of finance, he decided to take the plunge and move in February 2013 in Rio de Janeiro. In order to share his passion of Brazil, he follows a training guide to Marc Apoio school to get his guide license issued by the Brazilian Ministry of tourism (n°19.024329.96-6). Since then, he works for you to discover Rio and offer you the best carioca experience. He speaks French, English and Portuguese.

Ivan Alves

Ivan Alves

Belgo-carioca guide

Born in Santa Teresa in 1987, Ivan and his parents moved to Brussels when he was 14 years old. Returning to Rio each year during the summer holidays, he decided in 2009 to settle there permanently. Passionate about this city and Brazilian culture, he entered the Antonio Prado Junior Guide School to make it his profession and transmit his passion and knowledge of the "Wonderful City". He obtained his guide’s licence issued by the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism under number 19.017893.96-4 in 2011. He loves as he says "to make Rio live and immerse customers in the Carioca cultural bath " by favouring an experience tourism. He joined GGIR in 2018 and speaks French, English and Portuguese.

Gabriela Ramolho

Gabriela Ramolho

Guide, globe trotter and favela

Carioca by birth and living in the favela Chacara do Ceu next to Vidigal, Gabriela is a guide certified by the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism under license number 19.023864.-8 that she obtained at the Marc Apoio school where she met Antoine. She is also passionate about nature and hiking, and Rio, in addition to the favelas, has no secrets for her. Gabriela joined Good Guide In Rio at the beginning of 2017. She speaks French, English, and of course Portuguese.

Viviane Lopez

Viviane Lopez

Guide, dancer and choreographer

Carioca by birth, Viviane has been a certified guide by the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism since 2014 under license number 19.024740.96-5 which she obtained at Marc Apoio school where she met Antoine. She is also a confirmed dancer and choreographer between France and Brazil where she shares her time, strengthening her French culture, a formidable asset, not only cultural but also linguistic in the accomplishment of her mission with French-speaking clients. Viviane joined Good Guide In Rio in 2015. She speaks French, English, and of course Portuguese.

Philippe Von Buren

Philippe Von Buren

Swiss and Brazilian guide

Born in Geneva in 1962, Philippe arrived in Rio at the age of 6 and never left it. He studied at the Lycée Franco-Brésilien, then at Bennet and finally at Facha University. He graduated as a journalist in 1992 but works mainly in marketing. In 2014, he decided to change his professional orientation and obtained his tourist guide licence n° 19.023877.96.6 at CIETH school. A Rio enthusiast, he enjoys hiking in the forest, on the beaches of RJ State and in the streets to discover the beauties of the Wonderful City, he joined Good Guide In Rio in 2018 and speaks Portuguese, Spanish and French, his mother tongue.

Carlos Eduardo Souza

Carlos Eduardo Souza

Guide and Teacher

Graduated in history and art history, music and philosophy, Carioca by birth, Eduardo has long taught history and art history at the university where he excels while living his passion for music . In 2010 he decided to turn to tourism and obtained his guide license issued by the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism under the n ° 19.019871.96-6. He mainly works in cultural tourism in Brazil and around the world when he takes groups of Brazilians abroad. He joined GGIR from its creation. He was Antoine’s teacher at Marc Apoio School. He speaks French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Henrique Leporage

Henrique Leporage

Main driver

Henrique, carioca by birth, first worked as a private family driver for 6 years and then for a year at the Mariana Palace hotel before joining the Uber platform with his car in the Black category for 6 years. He joined the Good Guide In Rio team in 2017. He knows Rio like the back of his hand, drives very gently and knows how to avoid the pitfalls of driving Cariocas. He goes out of his way to satisfy his passengers. He speaks Portuguese.

The guide’s charter

Good Guide In Rio, driven by the search for quality in the realization of its services, uses exclusively guides certified by the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism, a guarantee of an advanced training in the profession of guide. They have all been trained in history, geography, art history and also in group driving techniques.

To achieve their mission within Good Guide In Rio, we ask them to adhere to our quality charter below :

  • Be punctual
  • Show kindness, patience
  • Update Regular tourist information
  • Know the prices of the tourist attractions and hours of operation
  • Know how to show
  • Know how to tell stories, to bring cultural enrichment and emotion
  • Listen to the Client
  • Knowing how to respond to the Client’s requests while respecting ethics
  • Know how to adapt to unscheduled situations caused during the visit as a traffic jam, a transportation problem, an environment becoming insecure …
  • Know how to give directions and to show leadership when the situation demands
  • Have initiative and common sense

The guide is the ambassador of his country and his city and has an obligation to preserve the environment.

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    + 55 21 98078-4646

  • Address

    Rua Ronald de Carvalho, 21, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro

  • Licence

    Certified by the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism : n°19.069230.10.0001-6

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