The 1-day Trip

Christ + Sugar Loaf + Beaches

You are in Rio for one or two days and you want to see the postcards before you leave, then this pack is for you. It allows you to discover the city from the top with Christ, the Guanabara bay with Sugar Loaf and the beaches including the mythical Copacabana. You can then say, I was there.

The 2-day trip

Christ + Sugar Loaf + Beaches + Centro + Santa Teresa

In addition to the first pack, this City trip gives you an in-depth look at the two districts that count in Rio, the Historic Center and Santa Teresa. The first for its historical dimension, its “Latin American city that swarms” side because it is also the business district and the second for its tranquility, its beautiful houses and its breathtaking views because it is located high up like Montmartre in Paris

The 3-day trip

Christ + Sugar Loaf + Beaches + Centro + Santa Teresa + Tijuca Forest + Santa Marta

Knowing Rio in all its dimension necessarily involves visiting a favela. Indeed, just under a third of the cariocas live in a favela and there are more than 1,000 in Rio. We suggest you discover, in addition to the rest, Santa Marta, on a human scale (12,000 inhabitants all the same, located in the district of Botafogo and very safe), accompanied by a native guide and your English-speaking guide. You will come away with a new and wonderful Rio experience. And then, of course, the Tijuca forest, another tropical forest in Brazil (the Atlantic), the world’s first urban forest and the city’s green lung with hikes, waterfalls and breathtaking views in the heart of nature

The 4-day trip

Christ + Sugar Loaf + Beaches + Centro + Santa Teresa + Tijuca Forest + Santa Marta + Petropolis

This last City Trip, after three days of discovering Rio, allows you to leave the city, about 70 km away to discover, not only Petropolis at 840 m altitude, a jewel of the state of Rio de Janeiro like Paraty, but also the Serra do Mar (Sea Mountain) in which the imperial city is located. The road to get there is, in itself, a travel and the city is an enchantment in its natural setting and its historical link with Rio.

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